24 April 2019: ‘433’ Returns to base!


After several months away, for maintenance and avionics fit, ‘433’ returned to base on 24 April 2019.

Paul and James met at Coventry to collect the aircraft, and after carrying out the usual preflight duties, got airborne for the first stop RAF Leeming.

All seemed to be working perfectly on the 40 minute flight, and we arrived at Leeming exactly on our ETA.

The usual efficient and enthusiastic service greeted us, with the visiting aircraft section swiftly refuelling her for second leg to Inverness.

‘433’ was previously based at Leeming, and is regarded with affection by many of the servicemen and woman at the base.

We took off after around an hour or so on the ground, and set course for home. A quick orbit of Northallerton was flown at the request of a pub owner, who has a JP in his garden!

Shortly after changing frequency to Durham airport we encountered some radio difficulties. It seemed we were unable to transmit effectively. After trying several fixes, and both radio boxes, it appeared to be some sort of compatibly issue between the two helmets. Strangely not occurring on the first flight.

With fuel endurance limited on old jets, and an uncertain fix to the problem, once we managed to make contact with Durham Paul decided to divert to their airport and land.

After landing we established a way of working the radios that would allow the journey to continue. Disconnecting James’ mike seemed to fix the issue.

Further refuelling and swift service from the handling agent, provided free of charge, had us on the way again.

A trip of around one hour and twenty minutes saw us safely landing back at Inverness. Good to be home!

The local newspaper even ran a story to cover her return!



20 November 2018: ‘433’ to annual maintenance.

We took ‘433’ to Coventry today in preparation for its annual maintenance check. Leaving Inverness around mid-morning and arriving at RAF Leeming in Yorkshire about 1 hour and 10 minutes later. We were hosted by the visiting aircraft section, who swiftly arranged refuel, and invited us to snack on MOD biscuits! We waited a couple of hours for poor weather to improve, before continuing to Coventry. A flight of around 45 minutes, overflying the Newark air museum and Bruntingthorpe airfield on the way.

We arrived just before dusk, and left ‘433’ in the care of Heritage Air Services.

We expect to collect her again sometime in January.

27 October 2018: Three flights today, in fantastic weather.


Great weather today, and we had the pleasure of flying three guests. Lovely Czech lady, J.Stehlikova and father and son, S.Finlay and A.Finlay.

The first snow had already appeared on the local hills, and the light was fantastic

It was a very enjoyable series of flights, and ‘433’ made us all happy again.

25 September 2018: Two more happy chaps.


‘433’ slept outside last night, and was ready to go again today. J.Coates, who flew yesteday, fancied another trip! This was flown after Bristol man B.Bentley, who made the long trip north to enjoy his flight around the Highlands.

Thanks gents, another enjoyable day.

24 September 2018: Our busiest day!

A great day of flying today, and ‘433’ performed faultlessly.

Our busiest day so far, seven flights, and seven memorable experiences made for our guests.

In order of flight: J.Adamczyk, D.Murray, J.Ross, G.Geddes, M.Cartlidge, J.Coates and R.Mounce.


12 August 2018: ‘433’ visits Oban, again.

We had the pleasure of flying ‘433’ to Oban today.

The weather was changeable but good enough to fly down the Great Glen.

A few local people came to see the machine, and the Oban airport authorities kindly allowed them to view it close up.

The airport staff were great hosts and we appreciated the refreshments provided.

I’m sure this won’t be the last time we visit Oban.



11 August 2018: Steve’s birthday surprise!

We had the pleasure of flying local man Steve Simpson today, and it was a total surprise for him!

Steve is a local aviation photographer and has previously sent us some great pictures of the JP taken from the airport boundary fence.

This time it was his turn to fly! His wife arranged a surprise for his birthday, and he was taken to the airport with the belief he was going for ride in the Bird Control vehicle!

We had a great flight around the local area, and despite feeling a little queezy, we landed with same number of emptysick bags that we started with…

Well done Steve!

8 August 2018: A fun day for ‘433’.

Another very successful and fun day for the Inverness Jet Provost ‘433’.

We had the pleasure of flying three members of the same family, and a further flight later in the evening.

First to fly was Jacob Neumann, 13 years old Dutch British boy. He was quite nervous, but seemed to enjoy his short ride around the Highlands.

His sister was next to fly, Anneke is just 10 years old, and was very enthusiastic! She experienced four aileron rolls, and some cloud chasing!

Their father was the last to fly. Boris enjoyed a run around the local area, but wasn’t so keen on aerobatics!

’433’ flew again in the evening just before sunset, with Natalie Wilson who works at Inverness Airport. She was delighted to fly with us, and her pics and videos show this clearly! We landed just before sunset.

A truly memorable day for all involved.


5 August 2018: A busy day for ‘433’!

Today was a very busy day for the Inverness Jet Provost ‘433’, we flew four trips!

First to fly was Ken Ayres, aged 82, who has had a life-long interest in aviation. He recalls seeing the prototype JP fly at Farnborough Airshow many years ago. It was a pleasure to fly him.

Next was Reay Mackay from Fort Augustus. He enjoys rally driving in his spare time, and enjoyed his aerial adventure today.

Third was John Thomson, from the Elgin area. He enjoyed his trip in amongst the hills around the Highlands.

Last to fly was Bill Aitchison, an Aviation Engineer. Another enjoyable trip was had in ‘433’.

As always, pics and videos can be seen on the Facebook page.

21 July 2018: Matt and Ryan fly.

‘433’ flew today, with two guests. Matt Harmsworth and Ryan Mathieson.

Matt had previously missed out on a flight due to a rapid deterioration of the weather, so it was nice to get him airborne today.

Ryan works at the airport, and was ‘volunteered’ for the trip by his wife!

Pics and videos can be seen on the Facebook page.