XW433 / G-JPRO History

Jet Provost T5A XW433 rolled out of the British Aircraft Corporation factory at Warton, Lancashire in 1972. 

It began its flying career as a basic jet trainer with 3 FTS at RAF Leeming in Yorkshire. It remained there for five years before switching to 7 FTS at RAF Church Fenton. Strangely staying there for another five years before returning back to Leeming!

After two years in Yorkshire it was time to return to Church Fenton where it was to remain for a longer period of time before finally retiring from active RAF service to the technical school at Cosford. 

Many RAF pilots in the 80’s and 90’s would have sweated as they learned their trade in ‘433’. Some probably flew their first solo!

The three years spent at Cosford saw the end of its military service and it was placed into storage in 1995. 

With the arrival of the Tucano, the Royal Air Force retired almost all of the Jet Provost fleet, and a number were sold onto the civilian market. ‘433’ was one of the lucky ones and passed into civilian hands to return to the air again. 

A succession of owners enjoyed the JP experience, before it arrived with us as the ‘Inverness Jet Provost’. 

It is testament to James Campbells dedication and determination, and sheer love of British aviation history, that ‘433’ has been acquired and remains airworthy. 

It is no mean feat in terms of financial and emotional commitment for an individual to manage such an achievement.  

Long may she continue to fly!