19 July 2018: Eoin’s Flight.

‘433’ flew today, and our guest was Eoin MacDonald.

We flew for just over thirty minutes around the local highlands, and he thoroughly enjoyed his experience.

We hope to meet him again in the future.

The videos can be seen on our Facebook page.


4 June 2018: Yusuf’s Flight!

A very special flight for ‘433’ today.

After learning about a local boy called Yusuf, who is mad keen on aviation, and loves the ‘433’ in particular, a Facebook appeal was made to find him.

Yusuf spends many happy hours by the fence at Inverness airport, watching the activities through the lens of his camera.

Contact was made, and a hangar tour was arranged to see ‘433’ close up.

After seeing just how keen he was, Paul offered him the chance of a flight in the JP.

The story was picked up by local and national media, and went viral on Facebook!

Yusuf greatly enjoyed his flight in ‘433’, and it was memorable for all concerned.

Full details can be seen on our Facebook page.

3 June 2018: The kids get a trip!

Possibly the luckiest children in Scotland, Sam and Jessica Gibbs got to experience a short trip in the JP for themselves!

The small size ex-RAF bonedome fitted them well, and they both enjoyed a ten to fifteen minute flight each.

It was a particular pleasure for Paul who hadn’t flown his children in anything other than an airliner before.

25 May 2018: The Facebook Winners fly!

A competition was held on Paul’s Facebook page, offering the chance of a free air experience flight in the JP.

The winner was selected by random lottery, and the lucky recipient was former Flybe cabin crew member Mark Stone.

A runners up prize of a shorter flight was won by Councillor Ken Gowans.

Ken flew first, and enjoyed a local run down to the city of Inverness, followed by a large circuit with a low approach and go around to land back at base. Ken missed out on a JP flight when he was a teenager on camp at RAF Leeming, so it was great that he got the chance now.

Mark had a longer flight, including medium level aerobatics, and lower level general handling. He has never flown in anything like this before, and was delighted.

It was a pleasure to fly both of these lucky winners!



20 May 2018: ‘433’ Flies with James and Julie.

’433’ flew today with James Campbell,  and again with his partner Julie.

Julie flew first, and alongside Paul, they flew down the Great Glen and Loch Ness, before turning towards Dingwall and Cromarty. Julie had a smile on her face for most of the flight, and loved her first experience of the JP.

James flew next, following a similar flight path to Julie. The flight concluded with some low-level over the sea.

A great days flying!



1 April 2018: RAF 100. ‘433’ flies.

With the weather looking good, Paul was keen to fly ‘433’ to mark the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Air Force.

A quick Facebook post found Duncan McDonald, who was keen to fly and cost share the trip.

A 40 minute local flight, including general handling and aerobatics was flown.

A very enjoyable trip!

31 March 2018: James Flies ‘433’!

After patiently waiting for so long, aircraft owner James Campbell finally got airborne today!

We managed to fulfil his dream of flying to his home town of Oban, and landing at the local airport.

Friends and family came to meet us, and we were well looked after by the airport fire service.

’433’ received a lot of attention, and we had an enjoyable flight down and back to base.


24 March 2018: OCM approved!

After patiently waiting for several months, the OCM was finally approved by the U.K. CAA! This means ‘433’ can be operated by Aerial Vocations ltd, and ‘Inverness Jet Provost’ is now a reality!

10 January 2018: Type Training Concludes.

‘433’ couldn’t fly yesterday due to a lack of oil! After much chasing around and frantic ordering, the oil arrived today meaning the type training could be concluded…

Two flights were flown, the first was a solo consolidation sortie, for upper air work, and circuits.

After a quick refuelling and coffee break, ‘433’ took to the skies again for Paul’s Final Handling Test.

The flight went well, and Paul passed. A realisation of a long held dream!

Once the CAA approve the Organisational Control Manual of Aerial Vocations ltd, the operations of ‘Inverness Jet Provost’ can begin!